and i'd marry you, harry

you make me strong

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Harry licking cake off of Sandy’s face and Louis looking | x


@joaoschiavinato: Harry rocking his beanie today :) ✌️

harry smashing cake in sandy’s face and then licking it off +

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Anonymous said: I'm gonna tell you one thing this years tour is going to be very different from the other two because I bet Louis and Harry aren't going to be anywhere near each other on stage. It's sad really.

I think we’ll just have to wait and see. The Take Me Home tour was obviously a lot different from the Up All Night tour in a lot of ways, but even if there weren’t any on-stage hugs or holding hands on stage for example, there were still many Louis and Harry moments, like this post shows, as well as this one.

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do you ever talk to someone and literally everything they say is so fucking adorable and you just wanna talk to them for hours about nothing in particular because talking to them is the best part of your day 

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